Proactive interaction with the prosecutor is the key to the successful resolution of a sex crime allegation. In addition, an initial psychological evaluation of the client for the Judge, to make the court comfortable that no such conduct will occur in the future, is also very important.

Constant contact with the assigned DA is crucial in these types of cases where the allegations are so difficult. The key is to humanize the client as much as possible, engage in an evaluation and counseling, if needed, and present a formidable trial counsel, such as Mr. McCarthy on behalf of the client. Counsel that is thoroughly in support of the client, who also believes in the client’s ability to rehabilitate if necessary, is one key to a successful result. Or if the allegations are false, to successfully defend the case in the Grand Jury or at trial, is Mr. McCarthy’s ultimate goal.

The threat of a significant trial talent, such as Mr. McCarthy, is often what it takes to persuade the prosecutor to treat the client as a human being, and to ultimately have success in a sex crimes case for the client and his family.