Since the mid-1980s, the criminal courts have become increasingly tough on clients charged with Drunk Driving or Driving Under the Influence, throughout New York and New Jersey.

The first and primary goal of any Drunk Driving representation is to preserve the client’s license and ability to drive. A second, and in some cases, equally as important consideration, is to have the criminal charges in the Drunk Driving Complaint dismissed, so that the client may receive a non-criminal traffic infraction.

Mr. McCarthy has had significant success negotiating conditional plea bargains throughout New York City, that ultimately result in the criminal DWI charges being dismissed.

In addition, Mr. McCarthy has had success bringing to trial a wide variety of Drunk Driving cases throughout New York and New Jersey, that have resulted in either a dismissal at the Grand Jury stage or a “not guilty” verdict after a jury trial. Please see the Successful Case Analysis section of this website for an example of each type of extraordinary successful result.

Each case was an extraordinary result that few other criminal defense attorneys could have obtained for the client. The key in each case was Mr. McCarthy’s 29 years of Grand Jury and trial experience, both as an Assistant District Attorney, and now as a Defense Attorney.