Assault charges are dependent primarily upon the cooperation of the victim with the Prosecutor’s office. Any self defense claim must be presented to the Prosecutor’s Office and/or the Grand Jury as quickly as possible. The key to the successful presentation of a self defense claim is to bring it before the Grand Jury within days of the client’s arrest.

Mr. McCarthy is one of the most effective lawyers in New York practicing before the Grand Jury. He has presented over 1,000 cases to the Grand Jury as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney.

Like all criminal cases, the ability of Mr. McCarthy to negotiate successfully with the prosecutor’s office is in part a product of his significant trial experience, and a prosecutor’s respect for that experience.

As to a Homicide case, the key to success is to have a former Homicide Prosecutor, now practicing as a defense lawyer, such as Mr. McCarthy, handle the case. The District Attorney’s Office will respect that prior Homicide DA experience significantly, and that often leads to a much better result for the client and his family.

As a young homicide prosecutor, at the height of the violent Crack Cocaine epidemic in the early 1990’s, Mr. McCarthy developed the extraordinary Grand Jury presentation ability and homicide trial skills, that support and make possible his extraordinary results and success now as a Defense attorney.