Generally, serious felonies such as robbery, larceny and burglary require an aggressive approach within days of an individual being arrested. Once such a case is presented to the Grand Jury, and a felony indictment is obtained, the case can be difficult to resolve short of an expensive trial.

Trials should be a last resort. There are few people more capable of successfully conducting a trial in New York City than Mr. McCarthy. However, to some extent the fate of a client is now in a jury’s hands, and no longer completely in Mr. McCarthy’s control.

The key to success after a felony arrest is to prevent a Grand Jury indictment at the start of the case. This can be accomplished through sophisticated negotiation with the assigned Assistant District Attorney (ADA) or the client’s own well prepared testimony in the Grand Jury itself.

Here, the experience of the defense attorney is key to success at the Grand Jury stage and in pre-Grand Jury negotiations with the prosecutor. Mr. McCarthy has presented over 1,000 cases to the Grand Jury during his 29 year career in Criminal Justice. That experience is the key to an extraordinary result for the client.

Recognition of the ability of the defense attorney, at any potential future trial, by the prosecutor, is often the final piece of a great result. Mr. McCarthy makes skillful use of that fact on a daily basis.