Federal Crimes are among the most serious in all of criminal justice and require a tremendous amount of time and effort to defend successfully.

Mr. McCarthy has had significant success in Federal Court obtaining non jail results for clients over the past 19 years as a Defense Attorney. This is primarily due to his ability to deal effectively with Federal Prosecutors, based upon his own eleven years as a prosecutor.

As a practical matter, effective negotiations are the most straightforward path to success in Federal Court. Lawyers who encourage clients to take a Federal case to trial, where the evidence is overwhelming, are often interested in significant trial fees, and not what is in the best interest of the client. A former prosecutor, who effectively humanizes the client with the Federal Court and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, will ultimately obtain an excellent result in federal court. A result that is often the equivalent of a success after trial, without the tremendous additional expense of a trial.

Mr. McCarthy’s experience and ability make that an obtainable goal in each and every Federal case he handles. See, for example, the Successful Case Analysis page of this website, relevant to an extraordinary result in Federal Court that Mr. McCarthy was able to obtain for a client resulting in a dismissal of very serious financial fraud charges, that, if not for Mr. McCarthy’s effort and skill, could have results in the client spending the rest of his life in Federal prison. A complete dismissal was obtained, a success in all respects.