There are two types of crimes in New York State, misdemeanors and felonies.

Felonies are more serious and require a Grand Jury Indictment.

Misdemeanor crimes are less serious and may go forward just based upon a criminal court complaint, drafted by the DA’s office.

As a practical matter, the client is not going to jail on a misdemeanor complaint, absent an extraordinarily serious prior criminal record. The key to an effective misdemeanor representation is to have the criminal charges dismissed.

Prosecutors must plea bargain cases. There will be well over 100,000 arrests in Manhattan this year, with the DA’s office able to take to trial less the 2% of those cases. All other cases are plea bargained.

Please see the Video section of this website for a presentation of how Mr. McCarthy effectively plea bargains cases, and achieves extraordinary results.

Mr. McCarthy is an effective, extraordinarily efficient plea bargainer because he understands the prosecutor’s and court’s need to settle cases. This experience enables him to offer a combination of realistic alternatives to a trial and achieve an outstanding outcome for clients on a daily basis.

Mr. McCarthy’s twenty-nine years of criminal justice experience are rarely matched in the typical NYC District Attorney’s Office or local New Jersey municipal court. As a practical matter, Mr. McCarthy will have significantly more experience then the local prosecutor handling an individual criminal case. Mr. McCarthy uses this significant advantage in experience to his client's benefit, on a daily basis throughout New York and New Jersey.