Stephen G. McCarthy, Jr. Criminal Arraignments


Upon an arrest in New York City, the first appearance before a judge is called an arraignment, and is an extremely important part of the criminal justice process. The arraignment generally takes place within 24 hours of a person first being arrested and taken into custody by the police.

An arraignment is a key part of the criminal justice process and one where a skilled, experienced defense attorney is crucial for success.

The only issue in New York City at an arraignment is whether the person should be released or held in jail on some amount of cash bail or bond.

Getting the client released at the arraignment, is a very important part of a successful defense. This is because a release on recognizance (ROR), or no bail, enables the court and the DA’s office to take a much slower approach to presenting the case to the Grand Jury or otherwise initiating an aggressive prosecution.

Mr. McCarthy is one of the most effective attorneys currently conducting arraignments in New York City. Many of the most respected attorneys in New York call on Mr. McCarthy routinely to handle their client’s criminal arraignments, seven days a week from 9am through 1 am, especially late evenings and on weekends and holidays.

Mr. McCarthy is available to handle an emergency criminal arraignment here in NYC on relatively short notice. The arraignment parts are open until 1 am, seven days a week, including weekends.

If you are in need of one of the finest arraignment lawyers in New York City, you may call Mr. McCarthy directly on his cell phone at 917.270.0236.

As evidence of Mr. McCarthy’s recognition and skill in doing a criminal arraignment, what follows is presentation Mr. McCarthy gave at the American Inn of Court here in New York City in the same courthouse where Manhattan arraignments are held, 100 Centre St. The event, attended by some of the most significant lawyers in New York City, as well as a number of state and federal judges, as well as local prosecutors, was presented by Mr. McCarthy as a straightforward guide for an inexperienced criminal attorney as to how to do a criminal arraignment.

If you would like to discuss Mr. McCarthy himself, appearing on a loved one's behalf at a NYC Criminal Arriagnment, in any of the Five Boroughs, please call him directly.

See also Mr. McCarthy’s lecture on how to conduct an effective arraignment that follows.