Mr. McCarthy is a former Deputy Bureau Chief, in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Narcotics Bureau. In the judgment of many colleagues, prosecutors and clients, he is one of the most effective lawyers representing clients accused of possession or sale of narcotics, in the New York City metropolitan area.

An excellent example may be found in the Successful Case Analysis area within this website. That case is an example of a very serious sale of narcotics, with a federal prison sentence mandated. The client was, with Mr. McCarthy’s help, able to achieve a non-jail result that kept him home with his family.

The modern trend in drug cases is to treat the addiction and not punish the user as a criminal, with the normal, often severe, criminal penalties. If the client is an addict and needs treatment, and this issue can be addressed immediately, it should be. As in all of Mr. McCarthy’s cases, the goal of the representation is to get the client home to his family as quickly as possible, with ultimately a dismissal of the criminal charges being the final result. In narcotics cases, Mr. McCarthy’s 29 years of Criminal Justice experience, both as a former Narcotics prosecutor, and now as a highly rated Defense attorney, are often the key to an extraordinary result for the client.