A felony is the most serious type of criminal charge in New York State. It requires a Grand Jury to sustain the charge, and not merely accept the word of the prosecutor. Having said that, it is very common for the Grand Jury to do whatever it is told to do by the DA’s office.

In this type of case, a felony, which needs to be presented first to the Grand Jury, hiring a defense attorney who is a former prosecutor is an absolute must.

Mr. McCarthy presented over 1,000 cases to the Grand Jury as a young Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in Brooklyn, in both the Narcotics and Homicide Bureaus, during his 11 year career as an ADA. Defense Attorneys who were never prosecutors are often uncomfortable before the Grand Jury, as it is a secret proceeding and they know nothing about it first hand. Only a former ADA, with years of experience, can be effective representing a client in a Felony Grand Jury case.

Felony charges must be addressed quickly, within days of an arrest. Often the prosecutor will present the case to a Grand Jury within 6 days of arrest.

Hiring a skilled, experienced defense counsel is a must, as quickly as possible, when a person is charged with a felony.

Often the best approach to success in the Grand Jury is for the client to testify before the Jury, under Mr. McCarthy’s skilled guidance and preparation.

See the Successful Case Analysis section of this website for a successful example of just such an effective defense at the Grand Jury Level. The case resulted in a dismissal of all of the criminal charges pending against the client.