Prior to making an arrest of a client in a financial fraud case, the federal or state agents will often have collected a significant amount of evidence and brought it to the prosecutor. Whether that be an Assistant United States Attorney in Federal Court or an Assistant District Attorney in State court, this will be done well in advance of an arrest.

The key to success in these cases is to immediately establish an effective relationship with the agents and prosecutor to determine exactly what evidence they have against the client.

Prosecutors have the ability to pick and choose which cases they bring forward and which they choose not to prosecute. An immediate interaction and response by a defense attorney of Mr. McCarthy’s experience, is often the key to avoiding an arrest.

Mr. McCarthy has had significant success over the past 19 years as a defense attorney persuading prosecutors not to prosecute and bring criminal charges against clients accused of Financial Fraud, but rather to work out a reasonable settlement as quickly as possible.

See the Successful Case Analysis section of this website for just such an effective and successful defense by Mr. McCarthy in July, 2013.

The goal for Mr. McCarthy’s Office in such a case is no prosecution of the criminal charge, leaving the client with no criminal record as a result of the investigation. Of course, if the allegations are baseless, then Mr. McCarthy’s trial skills and experience provide the ultimate defense for the client, in the form of a successful defense in the Grand Jury or, at a jury trial.