Case dismissed against accused prostitute involved in Soccer Mom Madam case
October 7, 2013

Mhairiangelo Bottone, who was arrested during an encounter in March 2012, faced a misdemeanor count of prostitution in an incident connected to the ring of upper East Side madam Anna Gristina. Gristina pled guilty to a felony of promoting prostitution in September 2012 and avoided a trial.

Prosecutors Monday dismissed the prostitution case against a British woman busted for a girl-on-girl encounter in connection to the "Soccer Mom Madam" sting last year.

Accused high-priced hooker Mhairiangelo Bottone concealed her face from news cameras with a purple polka dot scarf as her attorney and his staff led her into the courtroom.

“Ms. Bottone is both pleased and grateful that her case has been dismissed. She has been fairly treated by both the District Attorney's Office and the Court,” her attorney, Stephen McCarthy, said in a statement.

“Now that the matter has been completely, successfully closed, Ms. Bottone is looking forward to leading a normal life with the support of her family,” McCarthy added.

Bottone, who was collared in March 2012, had initially pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of prostitution.

On Monday, Assistant District Attorney Charles Linehan requested Bottone “be permitted to withdraw her previously entered plea of guilty” so it could be dismissed.

Bottone met with prosecutors in connection to the probe last year but it was not clear what she revealed about upper East Side madam Anna Gristina’s business.

She and another stunner, Catherine DeVries, were accused of hooking up for pay in front of an undercover cop in July 2011 inside an E. 78th St. apartment that authorities said served as a brothel for deep-pocketed clients.

Gristina pled guilty to a felony promoting prostitution charge in September 2012, avoiding a trial that could have pitted Bottone and other potential cooperators against her.

"As discussed, the court will grant the people's application that this matter be dismissed and sealed," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan said after a bench conference. Bottone is British born but is staying here, according to McCarthy.

"She has a life and career here," McCarthy said. He did not elaborate on her profession.